Colours and HTML 3

1 Assessment

First finish the tasks of the previous lesson (see lesson 3).

(1.) The importance of colours: 20 marks
(2.) Table task (februari.html): 5 marks
(3.) Frames task: 10 marks

TOTAL: 35 marks


2 The importance of colours

Click on to download your task. You are going to learn to combine the right colours for your website.

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3 HTML 3


You'll learn
- to make tables;
- to use frames on a site.


- Tables:
- A step by step tutorial for tables:
- How to make framesets: (difficult explanation).
- Easier explanation to make framesets:



- Make a webpage which you call february.html.
- Make a table with 5 rows and 7 columns.
- Give FEBRUARY as a title to your table. Fill in the numbers of the days for the month February of this year.
- Every figure must be 5 pixels away from the border of its cell and I want 3 a distance of three pixels between all cells.
- Give a background colour to the cells with the days of the weekend.
- Put it online and show it to me.



- Make a directory with the name WEBSITE on your computer. Save the next HTML files in that directory: a homepage.html with the word HOMEPAGE as big as possible in a white colour on a black background and leftmenu.html with the word MENU in a black colour on a white background.

- Create a HTML file which you call index.html and you save that file in the directory WEBSITE. This index.html must become a frame page with two frames next to each other in two columns. The file leftmenu.html should appear in the left frame and the file homepage.html should appear in the right column.

- Put the file february.html from the last exercise in the directory WEBSITE. Put links to february.html, homepage.html and links.html on the file leftmenu.html. Create these files if you wouldn't have them. Make sure that you all save them in the same directory. The challenge is that if you click on one of these links, the file should change in the right frame. Search in the tutorials how to do this. It won't be easy!

- Put the result online and show me.



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